Chinmark Partners Appreciation!

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Chinmark Partners Appreciation!

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Chinmark Partners Appreciation!

In the month leading from July 19th to October 28th 2021, we’re taking time out to recognise and reward Brand Loyalty as well as our clients and customers who serve and support us every single day.

Chinmark Group is taking a different approach to celebrating the pillars of her growth, therefore existing partners who have partnered for at least a 6months are eligible to Extend their partnership plans and get…

An additional 0.2% shall be added to the existing rates of all our partners that has stayed with the company for 6month and above.

Note: As an existing partner, if your current partnership is close to expiration during this period, you can request a EXTENSION.

This is our own way of showing gratitude and reassuring our clients of our dedication to delivering excellence and great customer service.

We also encourage you to leave a feedback via mail/DM/WhatsApp on how best we can improve your services journey with #ChinmarkGroup.

Terms and conditions apply.


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