Chinmark Foods has positioned itself as one of the most iconic ‘must-visit’ food ordering platform in Nigeria, supplying an unrivalled range of appetizing dishes. Whether you’re a true foodie, social butterfly, a happy family, a tourist, a resident or a local based in Nigeria.

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It is never too late for a plate of something DELICIOUS.

Chinmark Foods specializes in African and Continental cuisine, located in the heart of Nigeria, with a presence in Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt, etc.

Chinmark Foods is finally open and ready to welcome guests, tourists, and residents in Nigeria with a promise of a world-class dining setting, online food ordering, and a hygienic approach to satisfy your taste buds.

Come experience relishing signature dishes and highly praised delicacies such as the Chinmark Fries, Jollof rice, and croaker fish.