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  1. Choose an experienced Architect to help with the Design.  We can’t stress how important it is to have an Architect on board to help with your project’s design, we strongly believe that it is worth the investment. Having a well-designed project will not only help add value to the property, but more importantly will help to improve the user’s experience and general outlook of the building.
  2. Have a realistic budget.
    Having a transparent budget will also help to determine how fast your construction project is completed. It is common for many people to start building and find it difficult to finish, due to a lack of finance or an accurate construction estimate of their project.
  3. Have your finances in place.
    It is important to first have your finances sorted and in place before you begin getting quotes on the project and begin construction, this is mostly to avoid delay and incurring more expenses on your project due to changes in the price of building materials.
  4. Build with resale in mind
    Here’s how you can convert your building project to an investment- building structures with resale in mind is one way to enjoy massive returns on your project after a few years as landed properties are expected to appreciate over time.
  5. Always do your own research.
    You should always conduct your own research and verify unclear information. Unlike the olden days whereby there was no internet, information is now readily available and is often just a search away. Though that’s not to say that the internet will always provide you with the ‘right’ information as you will need to cross-check your sources and sometimes ask the contribution of an expertise
  6. Selecting the right Building Company.
    Choosing the right Builder is another important aspect to consider when constructing a structure. For most people, they base their selection on referral. However, it is necessary to consider the building company, history, quality service delivery, and their project track record. Your surest best remains Chinmark Homes and Shelters
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