Chinmark Group is an innovative organization that is here to lighten the burden of living within the nation and beyond by bringing the services she offers to all and sundry while maintaining quality and superior service delivery that exceeds customer’s expectation

Chinmark Group is made up of 6 Subsectors.

A. Chinmark Homes and Shelters: Think perfect edifice, that sums up the Chinmark Homes and Shelter.
We have the reputation of building top notch structures. We employ the best hands and provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Chinmark Homes and Shelter takes away the hassles of building for individuals and corporates, our process is easy and seamless.
Provide us with your building plan, make payment for construction and we execute project with the highest quality, on schedule and within budget while adhering to excellent standards of health, safety and environment.
Chinmark Homes and Shelter also offers: Building construction and Design, Interior Designs, Property Management, Land Sales and Purchase, Estate Development and Real Estate Consultancy Services.

B. Chinmark Loans: provides accessible and flexible loans to help individuals and business owners meet their cash flow needs and expand their business. A Bankable Collateral Cover will be required depending on the loan amount and the nature of customer’s business. Lenders can apply for a loan at designated branches, with a maximum loan tenor of six months.
Chinmark SMELoans is targeted at small business owners, to access funds ranging from ₦50,000 ₦100,000, no collateral is required and the payment plan is flexible.

C. FinAfrica Partnership: is an arm of Chinmark Group that offers individuals and busineses a platform to partner with Chinmark Group. It guarantees prospective partners and active partners a profit margin of 3% – 4% returns on partnership monthly for a minimum and maximum duration of 6 months and 1 years respectively. partnership amount ranges between 500,000 naira – 900million naira or its equivalent in any global currency. A partner receives his principal sum at the expiration of the agreed partnership duration. Visit https://fin-af.com/ for more information

D. Chinmark Farms: Provides healthy and hygienic food supplies for the teeming populace at an accessible venue and affordable price. Agro products includes: diaries, crops and protein supplements.

E. Chinmark Rides: This sector of Chinmark Group provides executive transportation solution to individuals during commute; the goal is to move people from various locations to their preferred destination in safety, comfort and luxury and at affordable rates.
Chinmark Rides is established to help clients enjoy a valuable and stress free travel experience. With just one call away, you can schedule your trips and travel with relative ease.

F. Chinmark Medicals: Our Medicare prioritizes patients’ health and wellbeing. We provide innovative approaches to improving quality, increasing accessibility, and affordability of Medicare support with our current state of the art Medical Equipment. We have different Medicare packages customized for all and sundry.

FinAfrica is a well secured partnership and financial company that was created with the intention of ‘allowing money to grow’.
partners earn a profit margin of 3% – 4%  monthly interest on Capital deposits they partner with, the minimum duration for a partnership plan is 6-month cycle, and a maximum duration of One year. All partnership plans are low risk and monthly returns are consistent and guaranteed.

FinAfrica is a subdivision of Chinmark Group and is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria. Finafrica is NIPC(Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission) and ISO 9001:2015 certified, our partner’s funds are also insured to guarantee security

Yes, at the expiration of the partnership duration, the capital is remitted back to the partner.

To start a partnership plan with FinAfrica, prospective partners can partner with a minimum sum of ₦500,000 or its equivalent in other currency denominations; a 3% return on the minimum amount is guaranteed monthly.

All Partners funds are guaranteed and protected by Insurance and if Chinmark Group ever becomes bankrupt, all assets of the company would be liquidated (buildings, cars, lands) and proceeds would be channeled to offset all its outstanding financial obligations.

Fin Africa is managed by a blend of astute and experienced financial individuals who utilize monies of partners in ways that guarantee them fixed returns over a period of time. FinAfrica leverages on their wealth of financial experience to channel partners funds and pay out a sustainable return on partnership monthly. FinAfrica is spurred by the belief that funds should not remain idle, they should be ‘put to work’.

Finafrica is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and is a Corporate Business Entity under Nigerian Law. in addition to this, Finafrica is insured under AIICO and AXA Mansard insurance.

FinAfrica is managed by our team of experienced Professional Financial Managers who make the best and safest financial decisions on your behalf.
To enjoy these benefits, all you need to do is:
a. Select a plan from our list of Partnership Packages.
b. Download a softcopy of the Partnership legal document and read through all clauses carefully to transact online.
c. Visit any of our branches to also conclude on a Partnership package: Branch locator- https://fin-af.com/ for more information.
(Legal document can be filled and submitted online via mail or through a verified staff for documentation)

  • Guaranteed monthly Return on Partnership
  • Accessibility to different Partnership Packages
  • Professional Management
  • Liquidity
  • Capital Remittance
  • Safety of Funds

FinAfrica provides both local and global partnership solutions for a wide variety of partners, leveraging on the talent of our financial managers as well as our ability to access a comprehensive range of opportunities spanning all businesses:

  • Agriculture Growth Plan = 500,000 – 1,499,000 with 3% returns monthly
  • Real Estate Growth Plan = ₦1,500,000 – ₦1,999,000 for 3.5% monthly return on partnership
  • Collateral based Loan Growth Plan = ₦2,000,000 – ₦2,999,000 for 3.8% monthly return on partnership.
  • Transportation Growth plan = ₦3,000,000 – ₦3,999,000 for 4% monthly return on partnership
  • Logistics Growth Plan = ₦4,000,000 and above for 4% monthly return on partnership

With these businesses in operation, we believe we can add real monetary value to our partners funds.