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Chinmark Group is the innovative organization that is here to lighten the burden of living within the nation and beyond by bringing our services to all and sundry while maintaining service delivery.

Chinmark Group has 6 arms that made it up namely:

A. Chinmark Homes and Shelters: Chinmark Homes is dedicated to erecting and maintaining private building edifices for individuals who pay the project sum and their structures erected in the best quality available.

B. Chinmark Loans gives out flexible and accessible loans to individuals and businesses with a valid bankable Collateral. The loans finances business undertakings with a fixed monthly interest rate which is paid into lenders account. At the expiration of the loan period of 6 months, the
debtor pays back the loaned sum and retrieves the collateral.

C. FinAfrica Investment is an arm of Chinmark Group that involved with Investment. It guarantees prospective investors and active investors of 3% - 4.2% returns on investment monthly for a minimum and maximum duration of 6 months and 5 years respectively. The minimum amount one can Invest in Fin-Africa Investment is 500k. An investor gets back his principal sum at the expiration of the agreement. Visit for more information

D. Chinmark Farms: here we provide healthy and hygienic food supplies for the teeming populace at an accessible venue and affordable price. Ranging from diaries, crops and proteinous supplements.

E. Chinmark Rides: Here we provide transportation services for airport pickups and drop offs, late night parties, trips, shopping and emergency with our executive rides. The services are affordable and comforting. Some phone numbers have been made available for bookings. We're just a call away to pamper you with our rides.

F. Chinmark Medicals provides quality and affordable Medicare to reduce the rate of mortality in the nation. We cater for all ages and all categories of medical services.

FinAfrica Invest Ltd is a well secured investment company that guarantees prospective investors and active investors a profit margin of 3% - 4.2% interest on capital invested on a monthly basis of a minimum duration of 6 (Six) months and a maximum of 5 (five) years.

All investors monies are safe because Fin-Africa Investment as an arm of Chinmark Group is registered under the corporate affairs commission. Axa Mansard insurance company is one of the insurance companies Chinmark is insured with. Investments in loans has an extra coverage because the company is also a licensed money Lending company under money Lenders Act of Nigeria.

Sure! You'd get your money back at the expiration of the Investment agreement.

500k is the minimum amount one can invest in Fin-Africa Investment which goes on 3% Returns On Investment monthly.

In a situation of the company collapsing, which is not our prayer anyway, all investors would be paid through selling of the company's assets like the numerous estates, cars and a lot more. The insurance companies that the company is insured with would also do their part in footing the bills too.

Fin Africa Investment is an arm of Chinmark Group and as such it's being owned/ran by the President/Chairman of Chinmark Group Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah and his officials.

Currently Chinmark Group have offices in Enugu and Owerri with Enugu office being the head corporate office.
The addresses are:

1. 25 Ken Nnamdi Drive Unity Estate Maryland Independence Layout Enugu, Enugu State.

2. 138 Wetheral Road Opposite City Primary School Owerri, Imo State

For other Office Locations CLICK HERE

Fin Africa is an arm of Chinmark and Chinmark is registered under Corporate Affairs Commission, so the answer is yes! It's registered.

Steps on becoming an investor;

a. Firstly, going through our investment packages to know the one that suits your pocket.
b. When you make your choice from the various packages, we'd send you a soft copy of the legal Investment agreement form to go through it (for online transaction). You can also visit any of our offices for the transaction. You can check out for more informations

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Chinmark Group has been giving best construction and Business services across Africa

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on distribution financial

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on there

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on there

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on there

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