5 Tips to reduce your building Construction Cost

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Here are five great expert hints to help you keep your construction costs under control, and ensure that you are getting the best value for money, without compromising on quality.
1. Decide on Your Budget from the Start
Determine your budget as early as possible and take advantage of the experience and advise of the designer.
2. Choose a Simple Design
Build simple shapes. The more complex a building is, the more it will cost to build it, avoid over complicated shapes and curves
3. Stick to the Plan
A good design will save both time and money, avoid changing your mind along the way,​ as this is one way to attract additional costs during construction. Stay with the plan!
4. Reduce the scope of the project.​
This simply means reducing the size of the project in terms of square footage or eliminating specific spaces or features from the project. An underutilized space will attract more building costs.
5. Consider switching to cost effective materials
This can be something as simple as swapping wall siding, window shields or door frames, or it can be something larger like switching an entire tile type.
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