Announcing: Northern Invasion – Zaria Branch!

Announcing: Northern Invasion – Zaria Branch!

The management of Chinmark Group is delighted to announce the grand opening of her latest branch in the Northern region,
This move aligns with the expansion plans of the company to provide a safe haven for all our existing and prospective partners.

Barely five months ago, Chinmark Group launched her first branch in the Northern part of the country – (Kaduna)

The positive response and patronage we received from our esteemed clients is what propelled this next move.

Currently, we have two branches in the North and counting


Hulhulde shopping complex, Sokoto Road. New Randar Kano, Zaria.

24, Constitution Road, Kaduna.

We deeply appreciate your effort and commitment to the sustainable growth we’re experiencing as a Global brand.

We are thankful to all Chinmarkians of the Red Family, who consistently fly the Red Banner. We acknowledge your contribution this milestone.

It is your efforts that encourages us to continuously expand our business in all the region of the country.

We kindly request your cooperation in spreading the word of the launching of our latest branch.

Tell a friend residing in this environ and acquaint them of our services:
Construction, Loan, Partnership, Logistics, Farms and Executive Transportation.


All we have, God gave us.

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