Yes, it’s possible for you to retire early and travel on a vacation even when you earn less than 200k monthly.
It all depends on how much you’re willing to sacrifice now for the bigger picture in the future.
If you have a job or business that pays you up to 200k or more, what I’m, going to say will probably shock you.
But as you read on you will finally begin to understand how people retire early and travel the world even when they are not wealthy…you will learn the simple action used by successful retirees who used to make below 200k using this simple compounding trick.
You see….

The amazing thing about this trick is, overtime you don’t realize how much wealth you have accumulated for yourself over time.

Enough wealth to afford a trip to any destination of your choice
And you don’t need to break a bank or rely on pension benefits that may never be paid

In fact, you don’t need to struggle to anymore; you only need to be a little commitment, self discipline and patience

All you have to do is follow this simple plan and you can retire early and travel the world at your own time.

Now here’s what this is about.
Activate a habit that compounds wealth for you over time. Nothing more.

Passive partnership is basically a transparent partnership channel that assures you of not just your returns but your capital as well.
Passive partnering provides serious partners with an efficient route to early retirement and which always brings with it a disciplined savings habit.

FinAfrica partnership, an arm of Chinmark Group provides individuals an opportunity to retire early and travel to choicest location around the world on vacation, even with an income of less than 200k, through compounding interest.

Think about it this way, saving away some part of your 200k income, for a few months and partner in long term in a stable and sustainable platform like FinAfrica partnership is really

Becoming a passive partner is the answer to all your early retirement dreams, being a passive partner means you partner for the long haul and compound your interest and enjoy returns on the interest as re-partner with the capital and interest as the years roll on.

How can you become a passive partner with FinAfrica Partnership plan? You may ask

Place your saved funds in FinAfrica Partnership: Saving a chunk of your 200k income overtime is how you put your best foot forward, as it gives you an opportunity to key into any of our under listed partnership packages.

Watch it grow:
Relax in the comfort of your house and watch your funds grow as our partnership plans manages your fund properly.

Re – partner:
As a passive partner, the strategy is to invest and hold. Hold and re-partner until you are eventually set for retirement. It’s is advisable that you

In as much as some of us try to deny it, retirement is a reality that we all need to prepare for, as it will eventually come.
The question is, how prepared are you? What plans have you made?
A better question is, can you live independently on the resources you have gathered?
Can you fall back on these resources and still live life comfortably?
Don’t be the retiree that retires and goes to queue for his benefits in offices where no one will listen to your complaints.
And more importantly don’t be the retiree that retires and becomes a liability to others around him.
Thankfully, these packages are FinAfrica’s way of helping you build wealth for all your retirement needs and also for those around you.

Gold Package: 2million
4% monthly return on partnership accumulated and paid every 6months.
Duration: 24months (Re-partnering is allowed after maturity)

Platinum Package: 5million
4.5% monthly return on partnership, accumulated and paid every 6months (biannually)
Duration: 24months (Re-partnering is allowed after maturity)

It really becomes easy when you make it a habit to save and partner with your savings long term for the greater good of your retirement.


  • How real is this investment. What is the least amount one can invest in this. Where is your location in Port Harcourt.

  • Whats the least someone can invest in? And what are your investment packages?

  • Whats the least someone can invest with? And what are your investment packages?

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