4 Popular Construction Myths Revealed!

4 Popular Construction Myths Revealed!

As a financial advice, one thing we usually recommend to individuals and organizations is to take advantage and own assets – have an asset to your name, an asset such as a building.
Building construction and projects are one secure form of investment that many people are not aware of. Imagine owning a building and leasing or renting it out to individuals or firms who may need it for business or other personal use, and enjoying massive returns as rent for years.
Building construction as an investment, is not very popular as people cannot get over the high cost of setting up a structure, many are not aware of the investment returns and value of setting up a structure. It goes beyond the ownership title and the peace of mind, an investment in construction is nailing a bull’s eye as it yields high return on investment rate over time.
Building investment myths are popular for inducing tension, anxiety, and confusion. Am I too young to build? Are building investments safe? How many years will it take before I start enjoying profits? Do I need a lot of capital to build? These are the kind of questions that clouds our minds when it comes to investing in construction.
Below are some popular myths of construction in Nigeria.

1. Wealth is a requirement:
There is no iota of truth in this statement. The truth is that you don’t need to have all the billions before you can afford to build or own a structure. You don’t need to have all the money in the world, when you can easily kick start your construction project with a minimum of 3 million – 5 million and spread your payment between 12-16 months with ChinmarkHomes and Shelter ?. Do you know there are 4ft doors 0f 30,000 naira and Copper armored doors same 4ft for over 1.5 million naira? ChinmarkHomes and Shelter offers construction services according to your budget and finances, we deliver premium and standard always and never compromise on excellence.

2. Building is not simple and straight forward:
This is another myth that property experts have taken up the responsibility to correct; building requires you outsource the services of a professional for excellent results. Also, it requires proper due diligence, but this does not mean it is a complicated process, employing the services of Chinmark Homes and Shelters makes it a rater smooth and convenient one as we eliminate the hassles of agents and site workers, and build from foundation to key handover while you rest easy.
When you want to build, you need to be very thorough to ensure you avoid issues in the future. There are processes to be followed and factors to be considered, which is why you need to engage the services of experts – Chinmark Homes and Shelters who have built a track record of quality and excellent delivery over the years.
We remove the burdensome process of construction from the shoulders of our clients and make the process a rather smooth and convenient one.
3. You need a lot of experience while Building a Structure

Experience comes with practice but not in this case. You don’t need to have any building experience when you can engage the services of experienced building company, you can skip the bulky rudiments and techniques of construction and focus on other businesses while you supervise – this is where ChinmarkHomes and Shelters comes to help you. With over a decade of vast experience and professionalism, you can be assured of solid industry reputation and quality service delivery, and you can go to sleep with guarantee that your construction project is in safe hands.

4. Construction Projects always go over time and budget

The idea that when constructing or building project, delay in time and increased budget is usually experienced is false, this isn’t the reality for most projects. Professional contractors are efficient with working with a project delivery timeline by working and communicating with the different parties involved in the project. This collaboration helps issues to be identified and resolved before they ever threaten the project’s timeline or budget.
With the collaboration of experienced and professionally trained personnel, ChinmarkHomes and Shelter offers her clients the benefit and advantage of speedy delivery on all projects, Delivering projects before the stipulated timeline is one major aspect where we draw strength as a brand.
At ChinmarkHomes and Shelter, we are building much more than homes. We build integrity, transparency, as we believe transparency is the foundation of any relationship. As a leading Global brand, building mutual trust with our clients is at the core of everything we stand for.
With a passion for top notch quality, we eliminate the gap in the housing deficit within and beyond Africa, we are committed to delivering a seamless and speedy experience for every of our client, as this aims at positioning ChinmarkHomes and Shelters as a leading brand in the construction industry.

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